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Listen to my first podcast!

I’ve recorded a podcast! It is my first one and I really enjoyed it! It was basically a lovely chat with one of my closest friends - Zoe Poulton. Zoe started The Wild Clarity Podcast to connect people and to provide the opportunity to share stories about the moments in our lives that create change or a new way of thinking.

Zoe and I have been friends for over 20 years. We’re old uni buddies. We both studied Psychology at the University of Lincoln and we lived in the same student houseshare for the final year of our course. She is one of four friends that I made during my student days that are cemented in my life as life-long friends.

So, it was very special to sit down and chat with Zoe. Although we know each other well in many ways, we didn’t meet until we were 18 years old. It was interesting to recall our early years before we met and also to reflect back, now as women in our forties.

Some key points from our chat, without giving too much away:

💫 I spoke about my wild clarity moments and the path that I am on as an artist. It feels slow but determined 🐌

💫 How I enjoyed revisiting a hobby that I adored as a child and how others can too. We often abandon these interests when we hit teenagers years because they’re not seen as cool and the exam pressures and other factors during that time can be distracting and consuming.

💫 Creating a big life change through small, incremental steps. That’s often all we can do considering our busy lives, commitments and financial constraints. Small steps forwards are still steps forward 🐌

💫 I talk about finding joy in playing and not just being consumed by chores and adult responsibilities.

💫 The importance of creating multiple income streams so that we’re not placing all our eggs in one basket.

💫 I reveal my personal highlight so far and my upcoming plans for the future which features a surprise!

Go have a listen, I’d love to know what you think. The podcast is available to listen to in the usual places and you can also reach it via ☺️💫


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