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Talking Work Life Balance on the Parentrepeneurs Club Podcast

I've recorded a new podcast! Another one. It turns out podcasts are like buses, you wait for one and then two come along at once.

I had a lovely chat with Michelle from The Parentrepeneurs Club, covering a range of topics including rediscovering my love of drawing as an adult. I lacked the confidence to pursue an art education when I was a teenager and didn’t draw again until I was 28.

I now love it and try to grab pockets of time to be creative. I’ve tried different styles and I’m enjoying the process.

We all need something in our lives that is fun and is an interest personal to us outside of work and the more mundane aspects of life ✨

I talk about the work like balance and my take on that ⚖️

And we also chatted about my new wedding business! I loved designing the table plan for when I got married last year. I want to help other couples by removing the hassle and creating their wedding table plan 🥂✨🌸 I’ll be sharing updates about this on Instagram.

You can listen to the podcast on platforms such as Spotify and via the Parentrepeneurs Club website


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